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Discover the Magic Vacations
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by Jett K. on Discover the Magic Vacations
I just had the perfect Australian dream vacation as a solo traveler thanks to Discover The Magic

For nearly a year I planned (with the help of Kasey at Discover the Magic) my dream vacation to Australia. I was travelling with a friend and we were splitting the cost. A month before we were to leave, my friend backed out.

I had a non-refundable ticket (and a panic attack). What was I going to do? I have never traveled alone. I don't even like going to Walmart alone, so for me to go on a solo vacation is mind boggling, and then to go overseas solo...well, that' just crazy. My first thought was to figure out how to get out of the ticket and cancel the trip.

But I couldn't and that's the best thing that ever happened to me because I decided to go alone...to Australia (and a few other places) for FIVE WEEKS!! Let's just say my family thought I was on the hooch and were ready to have an intervention. That's how out of character this was for me. But I did it and it was amazing! I just got tired of dreaming of seeing the world and not doing it and when I felt like going somewhere either no one could afford to go with me, or they couldn't take time off work.
I went and I had my first meltdown when I almost wasn't allowed on the plane from Chicago to New Zealand. I was already far from home (Orlando) and now they were saying there was a problem with my Visa. Kasey went online and reapplied for my Visa for NZ from her home, while I sat on the floor of the departure gate wiping mascara off my face. Just as they were closing the doors and waiving goodbye, my authorization came through and I was allowed on the plane. Thank you Discover the Magic!!!
Kasey had booked me a SkyCouch seat, so I had the full bank of seats to myself (good call Kasey). I was able to finish my panic attack in comfort, and lay back binge watching movies on my 17 hr. flight. while ordering free snacks and cocktails (good call on Air New Zealand too).

I wasn't just traveling solo, I was travelling difficult. I wanted to be spontaneous, so I didn't have much planned out. I would pick my next location and activity based on what the locals suggested. I would call/text/email Kasey and tell her what I wanted. With a 16 hr time difference, my night was her day. While I slept, Discover the Magic had secured tours, domestic flights, hotels, tickets, etc. for me and they were waiting in my inbox when I woke. I was like...well, like magic (see what I did there?).
on a whim I decided to go to Brisbane last min., but it was Valentine's Day weekend and everything decent was booked up. Kasey found me a great groom on the river for a great price, got some freebies thrown in and all I had done was point at the brochure and say I wanted "that".
In Sydney I got lost and my phone wouldn't stay connected so GPS wouldn't work. I called Kasey about a tour and while on the phone (remember the 1 hr time difference), she guided me through the City over the phone in the middle of the night her time. She even knew the train and platform number I needed before I got there and saved me 15 min. of reading schedules and 10 min. of asking others for help.
Travelling takes planning, even for those that are spontaneous like me.Having a travel agent allowed me to enjoy myself while someone else did the work. It didn't cost any extra, I actually got some good discounts and extras, and, she was able to put it all together in one transaction so I wasn't trying to book from multiple websites.

Thank you very much Dr. Kerns! Your trips always keep me on my toes and in the know. I love it! Plus a great and well deserved trip for such a great Doctor.

by Christina Webb on Discover the Magic Vacations
Dream come true

Kasey did such an amazing job with us and our large family. She helped us get everything we wanted and save as much as possible. We were very pleased with our vacation to Disney and really hope to be able to go back really soon!!

Thank you so much!

by Samantha Mallard on Discover the Magic Vacations
Jamaica adventure

Our travel agent Kasey Pattillo is simply amazing! She booked our recent honeymoon to Jamaica on May 23rd. We stayed in Montego Bay at RIU Reggae. The whole staff was amazing,friendly,plenty of food and drinks and so much to do. It was an all inclusive trip and no kids were allowed all adults only. We did zip linning, riding ATV's, kayaking, dinner at different places and so much more. The whole trip was nothing but fun my husband and I truely enjoyed ourselves and already want to go back!

Thank you Samantha and the pleasure was all mine!

by Michelle Olson on Discover the Magic Vacations
Thank you Kasey Pattillo!

Kasey has the patience of a Saint and really went out of her way to help with exactly what I needed to make this vacation go a lot smoother and stress free. She helped me upgrade to a room that would work much better for us and her communication was over the top! She never once made me feel like I was "bothering" her and saw the changing of a stateroom process through to the end. Thank you Kasey! Will only book through you in the future!

by Kim R. on Discover the Magic Vacations
Magical Disney Vacation

My husband and I took our 2 children to Disney World in November. I could not have done it without Phil and Discover the Magic Vacations. He helped us find the package that worked within our budget. He also helped book our dinners, Fast passes and make changes with our reservation as needed. I was completely lost on how to plan a Disney trip but he stepped us through it all and made it so easy. We had a wonderful trip and I owe it all to him. Thanks again for your help in making our Dream Vacation a reality.

by Leslie beckham on Discover the Magic Vacations
We had the time of our lives!

We booked through Kasey and everything went smoothly and exactly the way she said it would! Disney was amazing!! She made the best suggestions for our dining plan and we ate at the best restaurants and we loved all the food. She explained the fast passes and we were able to get everything done in the time we were there. Price was awesome and she understood our budget. Best of all...we were supposed to go to disney during hurricane matthew and she was able to move our dates for us and got us 150.00 credit! I didnt have to do anything! We will continue to call Discover the Magic for all our travel from here on.

by Melissa on Discover the Magic Vacations

I was trying to book a last minute vacation on my own and was at a loss and could not find anything in our budget and was scared I would end up booking somewhere and it not be safe. I heard about Kasey through a friend and decided to call her. I one did not know that it was no extra cost to use an agent and two how knowledgable on the spot she was with what I wanted. She was very quick to find my family a great resort in our budget and on property. We left 2 weeks later and with all of the information she gave us about Disney and our resort we were able to fit so much in without all the stress. As it being our first visit to Disney I could see where we could have missed a lot booking on our own. I will never travel again anywhere without going through Kasey. She was so helpful and quick to answer any questions even while we were in travel.

by Maz D on Discover the Magic Vacations
Had a great vacation

My family and I had a great experience booking through Discover the Magic.