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Thank you for choosing me to be your travel professional! I am grateful not just for your business but most importantly the opportunity it provides me to plan the perfect vacation for you. I take great care in getting it right down to the details and absolutely love the challenges and obstacles each new location presents.  I look forward to all your future travels and improving each trip you take!

Safe Travels,
Jana Hornsby

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My clients now have access to their bookings via their own Client Portal. Some of the features clients can enjoy are:

  • Confirm/Edit Contact Information
  • Request a Quote
  • View Current Bookings
  • Add or Update Frequent Traveler Numbers
  • Securely Store Credit Cards
  • Authorize Payments
  • Provide E-Signatures on any necessary documents
  • Select categories for any travel marketing that you might like to receive
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It has been my pleasure working with you and I hope you feel so also. I am determined to build my online presence on the web, and as a part of this, am looking to my clients to complete a survey about the service I have provided.

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