Discover the Magic Vacations is a unique travel agency with a full leadership team. Our leadership team creates a solid foundation within the agency to assure that agents stay informed and have everything at their fingertips in order to provide the best service possible to clients.

Kasey Patillo
Kasey PatilloOwner
Kasey Pattillo has been active in the travel industry for nearly 20 years. Initially a tour guide/operator, Ms. Pattillo is more than a travel agent having grown through the industry from the bottom up. She went on to build her knowledge as a travel agent in 2010. With an education in business and her travel industry experience, Kasey founded Discover the Magic Vacations, LLC in 2015. The agency started with just her, and the passion of helping others “Discover” the world one destination at a time.

Today, Discover the Magic Vacations has grown to an amazing agency with the help of over 75 agents across the US. We strive to be the best we can be while giving clients the personalized and honest service they deserve.

Kasey brings first hand knowledge of travel to most Caribbean islands, cruises, theme parks, snow sports, hiking, rafting, State and National Parks, countless domestic locations and a wide variety of excursions. Her industry contacts also lead to Discover the Magic Vacations having unique and exclusive access to suppliers and activities for their clients.

Kasey resides in Summerville, SC with her three children and husband. She loves to travel anywhere she can discover something new.

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Jana Hornsby
Jana HornsbyGeneral Manager
As a seasoned travel agent with experience in booking corporate, family, couples, groups, destination weddings, military, cruises, tours and more worldwide; Jana will make your planning and travel a breeze. She also serves as the General Manger for Discover the Magic Vacations, LLC and thrives on travel research and making the whole process more fluid for every client.

Prior to becoming a travel agent, Ms. Hornsby was a vital part of a logistics team for a major utility. This position required her to operate in or near areas of devastation across the United States and employ major problem solving skills in very fluid situations. In addition she handled individual and group corporate travel for various conferences and events. The knowledge and experience gained through emergency response logistics makes Jana a leading agent dealing with the unexpected and able to easily problem solve for clients and the agency as a whole.

Jana now lives outside of Mt. Shasta, CA. In her spare time she enjoys adventuring with her husband and sons. They do not limit their travels to any one type, often switching between cruising, theme parks, exploring the US, foreign travel, snow skiing and camping.

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Dan Cox
Dan CoxTraining Supervisor
Kelsay Pattillo
Kelsay PattilloSocial Media Manager
Kelsay has always had a passion for marketing. Paired with her keen eye for fashion and merchandising, she pulls her creative talents together to create cunning social media campaigns. Her dedication to the research of trends and culture, aids in these pursuits. Kelsay takes much joy in the reward of seeing clients reach some of their top dream destinations and share their passion for adventure in the process.

Kelsay is a 2020 college graduate of Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. She currently lives in Summerville, SC.